AfricaWorking Provides Innovative Learning for Young Africans

In Africa, nearly half of the population are young people with little education with youth unemployment rates more than double those of adults in most African countries. Even those with a good education are often not prepared for work. There is an opportunity to break a generational cycle of poverty by developing talent to provide the skilled employees and entrepreneurs that businesses need - a challenge too great for any one company to face alone.

AfricaWorking is a unique collaboration channelling the collective power and voice of the private sector to make an impact on employability and entrepreneurship in Africa. Corporate organizations have joined together to pool resources, share best practice and generate ideas to increase youth employment rates and support entrepreneurship across Africa. Through the AfricaWorking program, young Africans will become ready for work through innovative learning initiatives driven by the real needs of companies and access world-class resources to take their entrepreneurial initiatives to scale.

Help Us Make a Difference!

You need workers with qualifications and skills to face the challenge of a 21st century workplace. You need entrepreneurs to bring into your value chain. Building on existing approaches and through two bespoke platforms, AfricaWorking members will contribute to and benefit from 200,000 young people becoming ready for work and provide support to 50,000 entrepreneurs. Starting in Kenya and South Africa, the goal is to work across the continent by 2020.